ucsschool.kelvin.client.user module

class ucsschool.kelvin.client.user.PasswordsHashes(user_password: List[str], samba_nt_password: str, krb_5_key: List[str], krb5_key_version_number: int, samba_pwd_last_set: int)[source]

Bases: object

as_dict() → Dict[str, Any][source]
as_dict_with_ldap_attr_names() → Dict[str, Any][source]

Wrapper around as_dict() that renames the keys to those used in a UCS’ OpenLDAP.


Value of krb_5_key as a list of bytes.

class ucsschool.kelvin.client.user.User(name: str = None, school: str = None, *, firstname: str = None, lastname: str = None, birthday: datetime.date = None, disabled: bool = False, email: str = None, expiration_date: datetime.date = None, password: str = None, record_uid: str = None, roles: List[str], schools: List[str], school_classes: Dict[str, List[str]] = None, workgroups: Dict[str, List[str]] = None, source_uid: str = None, udm_properties: Dict[str, Any] = None, ucsschool_roles: List[str] = None, kelvin_password_hashes: ucsschool.kelvin.client.user.PasswordsHashes = None, dn: str = None, url: str = None, session: ucsschool.kelvin.client.session.Session = None, language: str = None, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: ucsschool.kelvin.client.base.KelvinObject

class ucsschool.kelvin.client.user.UserResource(session: ucsschool.kelvin.client.session.Session, language: str = None)[source]

Bases: ucsschool.kelvin.client.base.KelvinResource

class Meta[source]

Bases: object


alias of User

required_get_attrs = ('name',)
required_head_attrs = ('name',)
required_save_attrs = ('school', 'roles')
required_search_attrs = ()